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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is obligatory

In today’s Internet era since a Website or Web Presence or Web Face is indispensable for any business it has become essential to adopt all techniques to promote it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the quintessential sum-total of tactics that aid in supporting to propagate the website for any sort of business. SEO has become practically a necessity in this progressively competitive online...

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Best Practices of Implementing Responsive Web Design

Implementation of any new concept that advancement in technology enforces upon us is always easier said than done. Technically speaking conversion of an existing website to integrate Responsive Web Design is the application of flexible configurations and media queries in CSS to become complaint for multiple screen sizes. Let us delve into the fundamentals on whose shoulders will stand a...

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Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an inevitable solution

Due to the enormous splurge in the use of smart phones, tablets and nodes alike by a majority of the Internet browsers, website owners and content developers need to make their Web Presence Responsive Web Design (RWD) compliant. As Web browsing switches from one device to another the limitation of space within which to fit a Website shifts drastically. This compulsion has been enforced due to...

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Advertising is necessary

Even during the final of the Champions Trophy between India and England, the slogan of “Let’s play dirty” of a soap advertisement attracted all of us. We became bored to watch its repetition but it could not be ignored. Advertising has reached such heights in today’s money driven business world that it is absolutely indispensable. Most of the products and suppliers draw the attention of their...

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A New trend in internet and mobile marketing

The acquisition of Nokia by Micro Soft might have created a churning inside the business world, but the observers treat it as an obvious outcome, which could take place any day. Ironically, both the companies had failed to meet the expectations of the growing demands of the users. Brushing asides controversies, we must agree that both Micro Soft and Nokia had been dominating the market for a few...

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Building customer awareness through website promotion

Raising brand awareness on the internet is wholly dependent on website promotion. Through this internet marketing strategy the target sector that comprises of the desired customer base are made conscious about the products of a particular brand. This makes the customer aware about the qualitative and worthy products in the different categories available from the brand. This initial awareness...

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